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How should I deal with the news coverage of my Vancouver bus crash?


Our Vancouver bus accident lawyers are aware of the diverse stresses that our clients face.

It is hard to recover, physically, from broken bones, contusions, and other serious injuries. It is harder still to deal with pain, anxiety, and other stresses while in the media spotlight.

Unfortunately, a large bus crash in Vancouver—especially one that involves many injuries and fatalities—inevitably attracts media attention. Reporters may approach you to get your opinion about what happened and try to get you to open up about your case. This prying is annoying; it can also lead accident victims to damage their injury case.

For example, perhaps a reporter contacts you, immediately after your crash, and asks how you are feeling. Unthinkingly, you blurt out “I'm fine—just shaken up.” At that moment in time, you may feel fine. However, your system may still be in shock from the crash. After the adrenaline wears off, you might be diagnosed with a concussion or other serious injury. The fact that you said “I feel fine” on camera could come back to haunt you and make your case more challenging.

So how can you protect your privacy and sanity, if you have been involved in a high-profile bus crash in Vancouver?

Your first step should be to retain a seasoned Vancouver bus accident lawyer to help you. A good attorney can advise you on how to talk intelligently about your crash—without risking your case.

To get clarity on your possible next steps, call McComb Witten today at 604-255-9018, and be sure to request our free report, Your Family Doctor Could Make or Break Your ICBC Claim, for further insight.

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