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Does a motorcycle offer any features that can help prevent a crash?


Many people consider motorcycles unsafe due to their lack of stability and outer protection. However, although these features can have devastating consequences during a crash, they can actually help you to avoid getting into an accident in the first place.

Advantages of an Open Carriage

One of the joys of riding a motorcycle is the feeling of freedom you get from not being encased in a body of steel. Yes, these steel bodies provide protection from an accident, but they also cause visibility issues and constraints.

Motorcyclists have the freedom of a 360-degree view and no blind spots. This allows them to see everything around them, including potential traffic problems. They can utilize this open visibility to find a safe alternative and avoid a possible accident.

Another useful aspect of an open carriage is that drivers cannot become trapped inside of it. If the motorcycle is pushed into a submerged ditch, or catches fire, motorcyclists can escape without having to worry about jammed doors or stuck seat belts.

Benefits of Two-Wheels

Motorcycles are more maneuverable than a car or SUV. Two wheels provide superior handling and response as well as better traction control. When a motorcyclist anticipates a collision, this maneuverability provides him a way to get out of the way and avoid the crash.

Therefore, although motorcycles are generally considered less safe than other vehicles, some features can actually help avoid collisions.

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