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What kind of compensation can I get for my Vancouver pedestrian accident, and who will pay me?


Perhaps you suffered a Vancouver pedestrian injury when a bus hit you at a crosswalk. Maybe a moped hopped the curb and hit you and some friends on the sidewalk. While you are, no doubt, embroiled with your injury recovery, you would also like clarity about the legal side of things. Who will pay for the damages that you have suffered? What kind of compensation will you get?

Let’s look at these questions, one by one:

Who are the potential liable parties?

  • The driver who hit you
  • The city or government agency that designed, installed, or maintained a flawed traffic component, like a malfunctioning crosswalk machine or a badly designed intersection
  • The company that owned the vehicle that hit you
  • Your insurance company or an insurance company that represents another liable party

What damages might you be able to get?

  • Payment for medical bills, surgery, rehabilitation, prosthetics, and home nursing care
  • Compensation for lost current and future work time
  • If you lost someone in a pedestrian crash, you can obtain money for burial and funeral expenses as well as money for loss of companionship and pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages, designed to punish the party who hit you for excessively negligent, careless, or otherwise unacceptable behavior

Making the Most Out of Your Case

There is often more to Vancouver pedestrian accident injuries than meets the eye.

For instance, perhaps a driver hit you at a crosswalk and fractured your leg. You might be tempted to blame that driver. However, an investigation may show that the driver’s brakes failed. In that case, the company that made or installed the defective part could be a liable party, meaning that you can collect money from that entity.

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