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How can we reduce the number of pedestrian accidents in Vancouver?


While our Vancouver pedestrian injury lawyers are not policymakers, we have a lot of firsthand experience helping victims and their families deal with the aftermath of horrendous accidents.


Our policymakers’ first priority should be to encourage safer behavior. Better laws can reduce speeding, curb drinking and driving, and improve safety at intersections.


Vancouver can also model what has worked in other cities.


Consider, for instance, the “Crash Witness” awareness campaign in South Africa. This initiative reduced road traffic fatalities by 29% in just three years. Pedestrian safety programs in New York City recently led to a nearly 51% decrease in pedestrian crashes.


So what ideas can be used to make Vancouver’s streets safer?


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), changing road designs can make a big difference. The WHO and other organizations recommend:


  • Making school zones safer for young walkers—particularly along often-trekked routes to and from school
  • Separating off sections of the city for pedestrian-only access
  • Lowering road speeds by adding rumble strips, speed bumps, and chicanes (S-shaped curves in the driving path that slow traffic)
  • Narrowing roads to reduce traffic speed
  • Adding more barriers between pedestrians and vehicular traffic by creating underpasses, raising medians and crossings, and adding sidewalks and refuge islands
  • Eliminating obstacles that interfere with lines of sight, such as inconveniently parked cars, highway obstructions, and billboards

Of course, any safety improvements need to be studied carefully.



What should you do, if you have been hurt in a pedestrian crash in Vancouver?


A Vancouver injury attorney at McComb Witten can help you understand what options you have. Give us a call today at 604-255-9018 to schedule your free case evaluation. You may also wish to download a copy of our free e-book entitled, Pedestrian Safety Manual – Don’t Cross the Street Until You’ve Read this Report!

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