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How can it be true that the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) does not care about Vancouver car accident victims?


This is a fantastic question, and it speaks to the core of why so many Vancouver car accident victims make dubious and potentially bankruptcy-inducing mistakes after their crashes.

If the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) is really as bad as we have alleged, then why don’t more people talk about their failure of fiduciary responsibility? Why on earth don't politicians and consumer advocates protest the abysmal treatment? Why would people who work at the ICBC—many many of whom most assuredly want to promote good health and positive outcomes for their fellow Canadians—be complicit in these bad practices? Where are the whistleblowers?

As you can see, this one question raises a whole raft of questions!

After all, the suggestion implies that our whole system for taking care of people hurt by car accidents in Vancouver is not functioning the way it should be.

It is a scary thought, and perhaps even an implausible sounding one.

At McComb Witten, we believe it is true—or at least partly true. That is because we have seen, with our own eyes, hundreds of cases involving insurer trickery. We have helped many accident victims overcome ICBC obstacles to get fair compensation, so we are no longer caught up in the fantasy that the ICBC and other liable parties aim to “play fair.”

We would be happy to help you understand your rights and sort out your options. Give a Vancouver car accident lawyer at the McComb Witten team a call at 604-255-9018 today to discuss your accident case. Alternatively, you may wish to download a free copy of our special report entitled I've Been in a Car Accident, What Should I Do? The Car Accident Victim's Tool Kit for more information.

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