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How can I reduce my risk of another Vancouver pedestrian accident?


Whether you sustained a broken arm in a Vancouver pedestrian accident, or you’re just a vigilant person, here's an idea to stimulate your thinking: View your pedestrian activities as a process.

What does that mean? It means that you need to start to modify your behavior over time so you will be safer and less susceptible to accidents.

In a recent blog post, we recommended documenting experiences that make you feel unsafe as a pedestrian.  The best way to document your walking near misses is to “process map” your pedestrian activities using the same kinds of mapping tools businesses use to document their processes. For example, to walk to the grocery store, you may walk out of your house, walk down your street, and turn left on Maple Road.

This may sound like complete overkill. However, when you view your walking activities as a system, you can easily find the weak points and make adjustments accordingly.

Odds are high that just a few activities you do as a pedestrian contribute to the vast majority of your risk. The most dangerous part of your day may be walking to the bus station or crossing a busy intersection to get coffee on your lunch break. Whatever it is, a systemized way of viewing your walking behavior will help you to figure it out. Then, you can change your habits to increase your safety as a pedestrian.

The team here at McComb Witten knows how to help Vancouver pedestrian accident victims. Trust our tested, systematic approach and contact a Vancouver pedestrian accident lawyer at 604-255-9018. You may also wish to download a free copy of our e-book entitled Pedestrian Safety Manual - Don't Cross the Street Until You’ve Read This Report.

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