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How can I put my Vancouver bus accident into perspective?


Perhaps your Vancouver bus accident involved dozens of injuries—and possibly fatalities. On the other hand, maybe it simply created an inconvenience and a big scare. You would like help understanding not only what to do next, logistically speaking, but also how to learn from what happened and move on with your life.

To rebound from a Vancouver bus accident, try doing the following:

  1. Honestly assess your current status—what is true now?
  2. Develop a vision for what you want to be true at some later date, when everything is all finished.
  3. Create an action plan for how to move from step one to step two.

Those three steps may sound simple. They are, in theory, but they are tricky to apply in practice—particularly if you are under stress, in pain, or psychologically shaken.

Focus first on the issues that are the most important to you.

If you are struggling with a major physical injury, your primary focus will obviously be to recover from that injury. For instance, perhaps you broke your leg in a Vancouver bus accident. Let's go through the model, using this scenario:

  1. What is true now? Your leg is broken. You cannot walk or put weight on it.
  2. What do you want to be true in the future? You want your leg to heal fully so that you can get back to normal.
  3. What is your action plan? You will follow your doctor’s orders and eat well. In the meantime, you will get around using crutches and ask your parents, friends, and neighbors for help when you need it.

You can apply this model to any accident-related concern. An experienced Vancouver bus accident law firm, like McComb Witten, can help you to clarify your current reality, formulate an ideal outcome, and develop an action plan to get you there in the fastest, simplest way.

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