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How can I protect my child from being hurt in a Vancouver pedestrian accident?


Our Vancouver pedestrian accident lawyers feel a great obligation to educate the public about safe behavior. It is much easier to prevent a car crash than it is to deal with the aftermath, both legally and medically speaking.

If you are a concerned parent, following are three tips to help you keep your child safe while you walk around the city.


1. Go over safety rules—repeatedly.

Studies show that children learn best by repetition. There is a reason why your wee ones want to watch the same TV shows repeatedly and read the same books over and over again—their growing brains need time to process and integrate new information.

If you tell your child “don’t run out onto the road” one time, he or she may or may not remember. However, if you persist in your efforts, you will get the message through.


2. Model good pedestrian behavior.

Do you jaywalk? Do you make a dash for it across crosswalks, even after the green man has turned red? Stop engaging in these practices—not just for your sake but also for the sake of your young one. If you preach good habits but practice bad ones, what do you think will happen?


3. Make it a project to learn and teach better pedestrian safety habits.

How much time do you spend fussing over what your child eats and whether or not his toys are safe? Probably a lot. You need to give the same kind of attention to road safety habits. What clothes are safer for your child to wear on the streets? What are the most dangerous intersections or roads for little kids? Do any of your child’s friends practice bad safety habits?

The more you invest in this research, the better your “parent safety intuition” will be.


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