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How can I help an accident victim find a Vancouver bus crash lawyer?


Your friend or family member's choice of Vancouver bus crash attorney can be pivotal.


Choose an inexperienced, ineffective team, and your loved one may not get compensation—or may have to spend months or years traversing a frustrating legal system.


Make the right choice, and the situation can be a lot smoother.


As author Jim Collins details in his best selling business book, Good to Great, the most successful companies in the world spend lots of time recruiting and vetting their people—even more time than they spend on developing strategy.


Likewise, a bus crash victim should invest in recruiting a law firm that shares his or her values and has the experience and wherewithal to get the job done.


At the same time, you face a kind of “rock and a hard place” problem. On the one hand, you want to take your time and find a firm that is a good fit. On the other hand, you want to act swiftly and retain a firm to defend the victim’s rights and get the ball rolling on any needed legal action and litigation.


So how do you thread that needle?


One way is to constrain your search at the beginning. Write down your standards and parameters before you start researching options. For instance, what are the absolute essentials that you need in a legal representative? What are the "must have" values such as integrity, a record of success, and experienced, skilled attorneys?


Once you know those values, give yourself a short timeframe—a few days or a week—to make a decision. Tap your network for referrals, and search for candidate firms on the internet.


A Vancouver bus accident attorney at McComb Witten would be happy to talk to you about your bus accident case. Our attorneys will take the time to understand your situation, answer all of your questions, and help you to understand your legal options—all during a free case consultation. Contact us today at 604-255-9018 to schedule your complimentary appointment. You can also download a copy of our free report, The Inside Secrets ICBC Doesn't Want You to Know! for more information.

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