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As a doctor in B.C., how can I better assist my car accident victim clients?


We are so glad you asked! As attorneys who often help accident victims in Surrey, Richmond, and Delta, we rely on assistance from area physicians to help build successful accident compensation cases.

When we have doctors who are willing and able to provide evidence of the seriousness of injuries sustained during a crash, it helps your patients—our clients—rest at ease and get the compensation they so badly need after their accident.  

How You Can Help

Of course, you keep notes and files on all of your patients. And while these notes help, they may lack the type of detail most helpful to our attorneys. The most crucial information includes the following:

  • Very specific work-related orders. If you order your patient to be away from work and off his feet for three weeks, note this very clearly. Give your patient a copy of this order and keep a copy in your file. If this order changes at any time, be sure to note why your recommendation has changed and the duration of the change. Why? This attention to detail is crucial to getting our clients the money they need to compensate them for missed time at work.  
  • Careful tracking of treatments. Every single treatment, down to the number of stitches, time in your office, and even appointments when you gave advice, must be meticulously recorded. We have developed the Head to Toe system to help patients help you by encouraging them to track every detail of their recovery from home. Why? Even details that seem insignificant can make or break their claim with the ICBC.
  • Thorough notes on recovery. By taking careful notes about recovery—and encouraging your patients to do the same—our attorneys will be able to establish a detailed timeline. Why? The more detail we have, the better our chance we have of helping our clients.

The attorneys at McComb Witten would like to thank you for your concern about your patients’ legal cases. Because of doctors like you, we are able to help our clients get the money they need to recover from their accidents and move on with their lives. If you would like more information about how to help your accident victim patients preserve their legal rights, please call us today at 604.255.9018.

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