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I was recently involved in a motorcycle crash. Do I really need a Vancouver motorcycle accident attorney?


If you have been asking this question, odds are high that you are thinking about your injury—and potential case—in a less than resourceful manner.

While you can advocate for yourself in the court system and try to bend the ICBC (or other insurer) to your will, you might be creating needless, potentially devastating obstacles.

Experienced, qualified Vancouver motorcycle accident attorneys—who have handled cases like yours hundreds of times—will be able to approach your matter more intuitively.

Unfortunately, many accident victims operate from a “triage” mentality. They try to stop doing everything in their lives, so they can focus on the accident and conserve resources. This strategy, in general, makes sense. For instance, if you can no longer work, you want to cut costs where you can. So maybe you put the babysitter on hiatus and cut down on dinners out.

However, you can take this philosophy a bit too far.

Just like you would never try to operate on your own kidney (hopefully); so, too, should you feel innate unease at the thought of managing your own Vancouver motorcycle accident case. That analogy may seem like a stretch, but it gets the point across.

After all, the long-term consequences of “doing a bad job” on your kidney operation are enormous—the cost could be your life. Likewise, “doing a bad job” with your Vancouver motorcycle accident case could likewise reverberate for years, if not decades.

If you build an effective case, you might be able to get reimbursed to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars for missed work, pain and suffering, lost future work opportunities, and so forth. Conversely, if you do an inadequate job, you might not get much, if any, of that compensation.

If you have not yet contacted a reputable Vancouver motorcycle accident lawyer, we urge you to do so today. Please call upon the experienced Vancouver motorcycle crash attorneys at McComb Witten at 604-255-9018 to schedule a free case evaluation. You may also wish to download our free book, Your Family Doctor Could Make or Break Your ICBC Claim, for answers to some of your immediate questions.

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