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Do I have to go to court?


You probably won't have to go to court. Most personal injury cases settle long before trial. We're very skilled negotiators and will try to reach an agreement with ICBC before your trial date. If we can't settle your case, we'll take it to court and let a judge decide. We have a great deal of trial experience and we'll handle your case until it's resolved.

I met with my ICBC adjuster and signed a bunch of documents. Did I have to? What are they used for?

The documents ICBC gets you to sign give them permission to get your full medical and employment history. In many cases, this is not necessary and allows ICBC to gather information which has no connection to your injury claim.

ICBC also likes to get you to sign a statement about the accident and your life. Often things contained in your statement are used against you later. For example, if you forgot about an old injury, you may be accused of hiding something. Alternatively, if you tell them about an old injury, your ICBC adjuster may assert that your accident has nothing to do with your current symptoms. A lengthy statement is not required and an experienced personal injury lawyers will not provide one to ICBC.

If you hire a lawyer after signing authorizations for ICBC, they can be revoked. By doing so irrelevant information can be withheld and your privacy protected.

As your case goes on you may have to reveal things from your medical history. A lawyer will make sure you only have to reveal what is legally required. 

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