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An insurance adjuster wants to talk about my Vancouver truck accident. What should I say?


Your recent Vancouver truck accident has made you very popular—at least among insurance company representatives!

Everyone wants to know if you are okay.

Do not mistake this gesture for altruism—insurers just want to cover their bottom lines. As a recent accident victim, you could potentially sue the company for millions of dollars, depending on your damages and the nature of your crash.

While the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) or other insurer says it has your interests in mind, don’t fall for the bait.

So, what should you do if an insurance representative hounds you for a statement about the crash?


If you have yet to retain a Vancouver truck accident attorney to represent you—to explain and defend your rights—avoid talking with insurance representatives.

Here is why.

You are not a rude person. However, if you try to play nice and fend off an adjuster’s questions with innocuous, fuzzy statements, you can do surprising damage to your case.

For instance, an adjuster may ask you how you are feeling. You might reflexively say something to the effect of “fine” or "better."

This is somewhat of an exaggeration to make a point, but saying “fine” to such an innocuous question could damage your case.

For instance, let’s say you are really not fine—you suffered a spine injury and traumatic brain damage in the truck crash. Later, you go to court to complain about these medical problems. Counsel for the insurance company might argue that you were not seriously injured because you told the insurance representative that you felt “fine.”

That sounds awful—an immoral, sick trick.

Do not put anything past insurance companies with millions of dollars on the line.

Connect with a Vancouver truck wreck lawyer here at McComb Witten for thorough, insightful assistance with your case. We will protect your rights and make sure that you are treated fairly. Download our free report entitled The Inside Secrets the ICBC Doesn't Want You to Know! to learn more about what to expect, or call us at 604-255-9018 for a free case evaluation.

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