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Your Police Accident Report - What Does it Mean?

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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So you were in a car accident.

And within minutes the police arrived and started their investigation.

A few days later you get a copy of a "Police Accident Report" in the mail.

You can make out the date, time and location your accident. And the provides the names of the drivers and a description of the cars involved.

But what do all the numbers mean?

A whole lot.

But you need to be able to decode and interpret this information before it can be of any use.

Interested in getting an idea of how it works?

Ok, there are numbered boxes on the left side, right side and bottom of the "Police Accident Report".

And they're numbered 1 through 36A.

Now I could write a book about what all the different codes mean. So, I save you the agony and cut to the chase.

The most important boxes are numbers 31 through 36A. The codes found inside these boxes all relate to "Contributing Factors' to you accident.

These codes deal with the issues of "Human Condition". "Human Action","Environmental Conditions" and "Vehicle Condition".

The "Human Condition" section allows police officers to choose from 13 different factors. Things such as extreme fatigue, illness, alcohol  suspected and a variety of other factors.

The "Human Action" section permits a police officer to select from 28 potential behaviors that many have contributed to your crash. Such as backing unsafely, cutting in, driving too fast for conditions etc.

When it comes to the "Environment Condition" part of the report a police office has 14 codes to choose from. The officer might indicate that road conditions were a factor, that weather contributed or that a defective traffic control device was involved.

And last, but not least, a police officer can indicate that "Vehicle Condition" was a factor. The officer has 18 potential codes to choose from in this regard. Accelerator defective, brakes defective, steering failure, etc.

Clearly, the coded information contained on your "Police Accident Report" can tell you a whole lot about the conclusion policer officers arrived at concerning how/why your car accident took place.

And obviously this information could potentially have a big impact on the outcome of your injury claim.

So, interested in finding out what all the coding on your "POLICE ACCIDENT REPORT" means ???

Call me at 604-255-9018 or send me an e-mail at [email protected]

Jeff Witten

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