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Why BC is Cracking Down on High Risk Driving

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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According to ICBC there are a whopping 241 crashes each and every day in BC.

That’s 10 crashes an hour! A staggering figure.

What’s worse is that they estimate that 60% of those accidents happen at intersections.

Why’s that so bad you ask?

Well if your collision takes place at an intersection there’s a good chance it’s going to involve pedestrians, cyclists or motorcyclists. These are some of our most vulnerable road users and as a result the accident can have devastating consequences, causing serious injury and even death.

The most shocking thing about ICBC’s statistics though is that they believe many of these tragic accidents are entirely preventable.

That’s right. The collisions that maim and kill thousands of road users each year could be avoided if motorists took greater care on the roads. It makes you sick doesn’t it?

That’s why ICBC has embarked on a high profile campaign to reduce high risk driving behaviour.

So what are high risk driving behaviours?

In short they’re the most common causes of crashes on our roads. Things like speeding, distracted driving, impaired driving, failure to yield, tailgating and improper passing.

They’re the type of behaviours that all drivers know they shouldn’t do, and yet many carelessly continue to do; ignoring the rules of the road and putting other people’s lives in danger.

There are many things motorists can do to cut back on high risk driving. But do you want to know my best piece of advice?


We all know that drink driving is a bad idea, that texting while driving is idiotic and that trying to speed through an intersection is going to end in tears. So why do it?

It’s about time driver’s started to take responsibility for their actions. After all driving a vehicle is one of the most complex and dangerous things you’ll do all day, so make sure you do it properly. If you don’t the consequences could be deadly for you, your family and other road users.

And when you think of it like that it’s just not worth the risk is it?

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