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Why 76% of Vancouverites are Wrong - Licensing Cyclists

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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According to a new poll released today 60% of Canadians believe that cyclists should be licensed.

That’s the national average.

But what about Vancouverites?

Isn’t our city supposed to be a safe haven for cyclists? A place where bike lanes abound and even the Mayor cycles to work?

Surely the people of Vancouver are more enlightened.



According to this recent poll 76% of Vancouverites believe cyclists should be required to obtain a license before they can bike on our city’s streets.


That’s a big number. One that clearly shows the underlying tension between cyclists and motorists in Vancouver.

And it’s also a complete joke.

Shouldn’t we encouraging cycling rather than forcing bikers to jump through regulatory hoops?

If more people swapped their cars for bikes wouldn’t there be less pollution? Less traffic congestion? A healthier population?

Wouldn’t the number of people killed/ injured in car accidents decline?

Seriously, think about the number of people who die each year thanks to motorists.

According to statistics, on average, nine pedestrians are struck and killed by motorists in Vancouver every year.

That’s just pedestrians.

More than 350 people lose their lives in traffic accidents in BC every year. How many of those can we really blame on unlicensed cyclists?

Am I saying cyclists angels? No.

But the difference is that a dangerous cyclist isn’t deadly. A dangerous driver is.

It might not be as attention grabbing, but buried deep in the figures released today is a more telling statistic. The recent poll found that 94% of the cyclists surveyed felt nervous around cars. As opposed to 61% of drivers who felt the same about cyclists.

As far as I’m concerned, the biggest problem on Vancouver’s streets isn’t unregulated cyclists. Rather, it’s how drivers treat them.

So, instead of wasting time trying to push for cyclist licensing, motorists should learn how to share the streets with them.

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Jeff Witten

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