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Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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Take two people who were injured in the same car accident.

Why don't we call them Larry and Moe.

Ask Larry and Moe one simple question - "What's Your Problem?"

And you'll probably get two VERY DIFFERENT answers.

But more importantly - The QUALITY of the anwswers these two people provide will probably differ quite markedly.

Both Larry and Moe got hurt in the accident.

So, " My injuries are really bothering me..." -  doesn't really assist a personal injury lawyer in getting a handle on what YOUR PROBLEM problem is.

However, an answer along the lines of;

> " I  hurt my right arm and I'm a right handed finishing carpenter who works with a hammer all day...";

> " I was making progress because of the physiotherapy I was getting but ICBC wont pay for more treatment ";

> " I've been dizzy after since I hit my head on the pavement after getting hit by the car - but all my treatment is for my neck injury";

> " There was a witness to my accident but ICBC says that because he works for my company the guy isn't a valid witness";

> " I haven't received any disability benefits from ICBC for  three months and the ICBC adjuster won't return return my calls."

These types of anwers give a personal lawyer a clear insight into the specific problem that you're experiencing. And allow them to focus on and attempt to solve that problem.

So the moral of the story is - the more clearly and specifically you can articulate "YOUR PROBLEM" the better a personal injury lawyer should be able to help you.

Want to talk about YOUR PROBLEM and some potential SOLUTIONS?

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