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What's the Difference?- What Qualities Set Them Apart?

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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Many lawyers claim to be able to do the work.

They all say that they have what it takes to handle your ICBC injury claim.

Most say that they have EXPERIENCE.

And nearly all seem to say that THEY CARE and GET RESULTS.


How do you tell one lawyer from the next  when Iit comes to handling your ICBC injury claim?

What are the  QUALTITIES and BEHAVIORS that set some lawyers apart and make those lawyers more highly valued by their clients?

Here are 3 that  RANK HIGHLY:

1.  Good Listening Skills - Lawyers are trained to handle "legal problems". But people ( that's you)  experience a legal problem wIthin the context of their own culture, values, family situation, hopes, fears, dreams etc. And you may be experiencing this "legal problem" for the very first time. As such, any "solution" to your "legal problem" that's go to meet  your unique needs is going to have to take all of these things into account ( custom tailored vs. off the rack). And the only way this is going to happen is if your lawyer has really listened to;

2.  Free of Outside Influence - If a lawyer is going to truly represent your best interests he/she needs be able to set aside his/her own agendas. People are people. They all have individual agendas: political; professional; financial etc. And lawyers are no different. But a lawyer who's going to represent your best interests must be able set his/her own agendas aside and put your best interests first;

3.  Creative Problem Solving Skills -  Achieving a good result for a client often requires that a lawyer find a novel solution, a fresh way of looking at things, an approach to a problem that's a bit off the beaten path. In order to achieve this creative problem solving skills are required. This means that the lawyer handling your case is going to need to be able to "think outside the box". Some people/lawyers are capable of doing so. Others aren't.

Remember, one size doesn't necessarily fit all.

And while lawyers may have similar training their personalities the qualities they possess may be very different.

I'd strongly suggest you look beyond qualifications and experience when you're hiring a lawyer to handle your ICBC Injury Claim.

Interesting in discussing this topic further?

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Jeff Witten




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