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What If You Don't Speak English? - ICBC Injury Claims

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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You're on your way home after a long days work.

The pedestrian signal comes up. So you step into the cross walk.

And the next thing you know you're on your back looking up at the sky.

A bunch of strangers are gathered around you. They're all talking at once. Asking you questions.

The problem is you don't speak English. So you can't answer.

An ambulance arrives. And the ambulance attendants start talking to you. They ask you if you're hurt.

" Are you dizzy? Did you black out? "

You try and find the words to answer. But what comes out  leaves them looking puzzled.

So the ambulance attendants write out a report based on " what they think you were trying to say".

You're put on a stretcher and take you to a near by hospital. And it starts all over again.

The nurses and doctors seem to be nice people who are trying to do their best. But you can't answer their questions.

" Where does it hurt? Can you see clearly?"

You'd  like to be able to respond. But you can't. So once again the records in your hospital file indicate, " what someone thought you were trying to say".

After you're released from hospital you make an appointment to see your family doctor. He's a good doctor. Kind and patient. But you've always spoken to him in very simple English.

This time things are different. You tried explaining how the accident happened. And how you felt in the seconds after you were hit by the car. But you aren't able to get your point across.

And all of this is merely what happened on the day of your pedestrian accident.

Here's the thing. Being able to describe HOW your accident happened and HOW you felt in the time frame immediately following your pedestrian accident is just the tip of the iceberg.

Being able to effectively communicate with your lawyer and medical professionals is CRUCIAL in order to get fairly compensated following a pedestrain accident.

Think about it.

How are you going to get your thoughts, feelings and concerns across if the lawyer and medical people who are helping you don't understand what you're trying to say?

Are you looking for a law firm that has the capability to communicate with you in YOUR language?

Do you want to talk about a strategy for dealing with the fact that you were hurt in a pedestrian accident and don't speak much English?

Call me at 604-255-9018 or send and e-mail to [email protected]. I'll make sure that we're able to speak to you in YOUR language.



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