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What if ICBC says you aren't at fault? Will they just pay up?

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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Think of your ICBC injury claim as a series of hurdles.

The first hurdle that needs to be dealt with is the question of - who was at fault for your accident.

Ok. Let's say that the accident was the other person's fault. Or that fault is likely going to be split between you and the other person.

Many people assume that once the question of fault is taken care of --- Well, ICBC just "pays out".

Don't they?

C'mon !

After the question of fault is wrestled to the ground there are still a variety of hurdles which you still needs to clear in order to get to COMPENSATION.

Here are a few of the usual hurdles that you can expect ICBC to put in your way:

>  They'll say that your injuries weren't caused by your accident. Rather, they're a result of a pre-existing condition;

> They'll say that your injuries were caused by a condition or injury that arose following your accident;

> They'll say that your injuries aren't as bad as you're making out. And that they haven't really affected you in any meaningful way;

> They'll say that you won't have any long last or permanent problems because of your injuries

So, what's the moral of this story?

Well, just because fault out of the way dosen't mean ICBC is going to cut you a cheque in an amount you think reflects fair compensation. There's still a long road ahead of you before you'll get anywhere close to FAIR COMPENSATION.

Has ICBC presented any of the hurdles described in this blog in your case?

Interested in discussing what remains to be done after fault has been dealt with?

Call me at 604-255-9018 or fire me off an e-mail at [email protected]

Jeff Witten

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