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What Happens at the Hospital ? - Concussion/MTBI & Your Car Accident

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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Are you interested in finding out what happens at a hospital emergency ward if you're admitted with a suspected concussion/MTBI following a car accident ?

If so, read on.

Alright, the first think that the admitting nurse is going to want to get from you is a detailed history. He/she will want to get  details concerning how your car accident took place,what your physical and cognitive symptoms are and more specifically what happened to your head. The idea here is that the admitting nurse wants to try and form a clear picture of what forces your brain was subjected to in your car accident.

The next thing you'll undergo is a neurological examination. This will include an evaluation of:

A.  Your balance;

B.  Your coordination;

C.  Your hearing;

D.  Your memory;

E.  Your reflexes; and

F.  Your vision

After your neurological examination, if the doctor who's treating you believes it's warrented, you'll have a C.T. scan ( a C.T. scan is a piece of medical imaging technology that generates an image of what's going on inside a person's brain).

Then, depending on your history, the results of your physical examination and possiblity your C.T. scan results you may be asked to stay in hospital over night for observation.

Alternatively, you may be allowed to go home with a friend/family member on the understanding that your symptoms will be monitored for the next 24 hours. The idea here is that you'll be woken up at specific intervals to check your level of consciousness.

The good news is that most concussions/MTBIs resolve within a relatively short time span following a car accident if properly treatment is followed.

But, as I've mentioned, a concussion/MTBI needs to be treated seriously. The bottomline is you need to seek medical attention right away.



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