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Was Your Crash Serious Enough to Merit Calling a Lawyer?

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You may be under the impression that car accident attorneys only help the severely injured—or the families of those who die in crashes.

You are not sure where your recent car crash stands on the spectrum of car accident severity. On the one hand, it was not just a fender-bender. On the other hand, it fortunately was not devastating, and you managed to walk away intact from the scene. Your inclination might be to sort things out with the insurance company and move on with your life.

This strategy may sound appealing: why create a fuss, when there is probably nothing to fuss about? However, your diagnosis may be inaccurate.


Let’s consider two scenarios:

First scenario. Your car crash case really is a minor situation. Perhaps, you car suffered some damage, and you and your passengers got slightly hurt. However, all in all, it was not a huge deal. The other driver will settle amicably with you.

Second scenario. Perhaps you have vastly underestimated the damage caused by the crash to you or to someone else. For instance, perhaps your sore neck will escalate into full-blown whiplash that will require years of rehabilitation, massage, and possibly even surgery to fix.

Even though this second scenario is less likely, if it occurs, it could be devastating.

If you do not call a car accident lawyer, you could be woefully underprepared for the second scenario.

On the other hand, if you take 10 to 15 minutes to call an attorney—just to get some objective, outside advice about what to do and whether you have a case—you can protect yourself against the second scenario.

The reason you call an attorney after a crash is the same reason you buckle your seat belt—to avoid catastrophic outcomes.

Contact McComb Witten today for a complimentary case consultation at 604-255-9018. You may also wish to educate yourself more about what to do after a car accident by downloading our free report, He Slammed into My Car and Took Off.

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