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Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer Reveals Winning Strategy

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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It's a strategy that's hidden in plain sight.

Yet very few Vancouver personal injury lawyer effectively employ the one strategy that can make all the difference when it comes to winning an ICBC injury claim.

Why ? Because it's a tough one to pull off.

Here's the thing. The building blocks of a winning ICBC injury claim often don't come from your  medical records or reports.  And they don't come from having a private investigator out their pounding the pavement.


The building blocks of a winning ICBC injury claim often come straight from you the injured person.

But here's the thing. The personal injury lawyer handling your case needs to do something a bit unusual. Something a bit out of the ordinary. A little something that's not very popular in this day and age.


They need to listen to the you. The injured person.

I'm serious !

Very few personal injury lawyers are really good listeners. And if they are, they listen to everything but their client.

It's not that their bad people. It's not that their dedication is to anyone or anything other than winning your case.

It's just that listening. AND I MEAN REALLY LISTENING !. Is not something that many people are good at anymore.

Why ? Well, it involves setting asside all of your own issues, interests, predispositions for a period of time. And truly focusing on someone else's life.

The strategy is simple.

Your personal injury lawyer needs to be dedicated to respecting your role in the human interest story called your case.

Your lawyer needs to see you as a key active player, not just a bundle of injuries and damages.

That's the secret sauce.

Because if your lawyer can get to this place. Well,  then YOUR STORY starts to become apparent. Your life, your journey the impact the accident has had on you as a person.

That's where the magic is. You see, it's YOUR STORY that wins cases.



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