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Vancouver Car Injury Lawyer Explains Factors That Make a Crash Unique

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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Our Vancouver car injury attorneys are deeply sensitive to how lonely it can feel to be a car crash victim. In a fraction of an instant, you went from driving the kids to school or shopping for groceries to sprawling in a hospital bed, wondering if you will ever walk again, and worrying about the dire financial ramifications of your Vancouver car crash.

In life—and in car accident case law—the details matter. Following are three elements that make your case, and every other case, unique.

1. The physics of the crash.

The unique physics of your Vancouver car crash can influence:

  • How the other car hit you
  • How your car buckled or otherwise responded to the blow
  • How your own body reacted to the jolt, both at the cellular level and at the larger, musculoskeletal level

Forensic specialists can deduce the physics of the crash from clues at the accident scene. These clues can convincingly prove that another driver was speeding or driving negligently.

2. What you and other witnesses saw, documented, and remembered.

These details can work in your favor or against you.

If you make a careless statement to an insurance adjuster days after the crash—to the effect of “my back feels much better today”—the insurance company can twist your statement around to escape liability. On the other hand, if a quick thinking witness snaps cell phone pictures of the crash scene, those pictures can later be used in court to prove that the truck driver did, in fact, swerve across his lane to hit you.

3. Your choice of legal representation.

Not all Vancouver car injury attorneys are equally well versed in the law, resource rich, and compassionate. Some firms may be far more willing to settle your case quickly than others are. Other firms may fail to do a deep analysis and, as a result, may never get to the truth about your crash. They may even target inappropriate defendants.

Given the unique circumstances of your crash, you owe it to yourself and to your family to connect with lawyers who pay attention to the details. Contact the McComb Witten team today at 604-255-9018 to set up a free consultation. Yu may also wish to learn more about your rights and responsibilities by reading our free report, He Slammed into My Car and Took Off!

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