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Vancouver Bicycle Accidents Accident - The Right Hook

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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                                                            Vancouver Bicycle Accidents - The Right Hook


 What's a right hook ? It's when a car passes you and then trys to makes a right turn directly in front of , or into, you.

 The trouble here is that motorists often assume that because you're riding a bike you aren't going very fast.

 From your perspective ( the cyclist) this kind of collision is really tough to avoid. Because it usually happens very  suddenly. And, you have nowhere to go - the car is right there in front of you.

 As with many other types of bicycle accidents, proving fault on the part of the motorist is dependent on a few key factors.   So what I'd like to do is give you some insights as relates to a couple of these key factors.

Firstly, the damage to both your bike and the vehicle involved are crucial indicators. They tell a story as to how the accident happened.

Think about it. The damage is going to be to the passengers side of the car which collided with you. The question is where on that passenger's side. It would stand to reason that the closer to the front of the vehicle the damage is the less of an opportunity you had to avoid the collision.

As for you bike, the extent of the damage is an indicator of the force involved in the collision.

Secondly, witnesses to this type of an accident are crucial.

 Did the driver signal before starting into their turn ? And were you in a position to see that signal ?

What was the distance between the rear of the vehicle and your bike when the motorist started into their turn ?

How quickly did the motorist decelerate prior to commencing their turn ?

These are only a few of the questions that witnesses to your accident may be able to shed some light on ?

But there's a flipside. As with other forms of bicycle accidents often witnesses over estimate the speed of the cyclist at the time of the accident.

So there's you have it. A little bit to think about regarding that uniques form of  Vancouver bicycle accident, the right hook.



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