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Tradition Chinese Medicine ( TCM) and Your ICBC Claim

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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Traditional Chinese Medicine is a practice that's thousands of years old.

TCM is based on the theory that, " ... the body consists of meridians or pathways, through which qi or energy flows." ( Gail Johnson - Georgia Straight ; Aug 29-Sept 5/13).

And TCM is becoming more popular every day.

Gail Johnson wrote a great article for the Georgia Straight - " Asian healing moves into the mainstream".

Her piece sheds some light on a form of treatment that sounds very interesting.

Here's what a few of the TCM doctors quoted in Ms. Johnson's article had to say;

Dr. Gary Ho - " TCM is a very nature way of healing... There's alot of emphasis on the preventive side, on staying healthy."

Dr. Michael Chung - " Traditional Chinese medicine uses what you already have, what you have within yourself to heal... You don't have to wait till you get sick to see a doctor. You can learn things to treat and take care of yourself before entering that state..."

Dr. Jennifer Gao - " What's beautiful about TCM is that it looks at the whole package; it doesn't seperate the parts... Western medicine blames the disease or the symptoms, while TCM looks for patterns.."

Dr. Lorne Brown - " In Chinese medicine, when you're under stress, it changes the flow of qi... When you're stressed, you start to breathe differently, you get high blood pressure, you can get stomach distress, you don't digest so well, you get migraines; these are all signs in Chinese medicine that the flow of qi is disrupted..."

Dr. Karen Lam - " The reality is we're becoming more and more stressed as people... We're pushing ourselves to work harder, pushing ourselves at the gym, trying to keep up with technology, trying to be supportive to our friends and to be good people, maybe a parent on top of that; that all builds stress. What happens is that flight-or-flight response kicks in , the body gets tense, the organs get all tight and the levels of cortisol ( a stress hormone) go up.... Stress causes blockages to the healthy flow of qi... TCM not only recognizes the pattern of how stress is affecting the body but treats the physical and emotional symptoms brought out from this stress as well as the root cause of this problem."

Wow !  Very interesting!

Could TCM play a role in treating symptoms arrising from the injuries you suffered in your car accident? I think there might be a case to be made.

Want to talk about TCM and your car accident injuries ? Call me at 604-255-9018.

Jeff Witten


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