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Time, Speed, Distance - Your Vancouver Car Accident

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                                                  WHO'S AT FAULT ? - YOUR VANCOUVER CAR ACCIDENT


Responsiblity for your car accident is a critical issue. You see, in British Columbia, the car that hit you needs to be found  fully or partially responsible in order for you to be compensated for your injuries.

So, what are the factors you need to look at when grappling with the issue of who's responsible for your car accident ?

Sometimes it's a pretty straightforward situation. Such as when one vehicle has a red light and one has a green light. Or, when one car rear ends another.

In other situations, responsibility isn't so clear cut.

And most often, when responsibility is being fought over, it boils down to questions of time, speed and distance.

The question of time can take a number of different forms. I'll give you a few examples; how much TIME passed between the other car entering the intersection and when the light turned red ?; how much time passed between the point in time you stepped onto the roadway and when the car hit you ?;  Did the car that hit you from behind have enough time to stop between the point in time you switched into the lane he was travelling in and point in time you applied your brakes ?.... I think you get the idea.

SPEED, well, the issue of speed can also play out in a number of different ways. And as with TIME, the question of SPEED is also best understood by way of example; what speed where you traveling at when your bicycle hit the door of the car as it opened into traffic ?;  was the car that hit your car  travelling at a speed well above the posted limit as you made your left turn?; did you increase your speed when you saw that the light had changed to amber ?

As far as DISTANCE is concerned, well, why don't I just give you some examples; what distance where you into the street before the pedestrian signal changed to DON'T WALK ?;  what was the distance your car travelled between the point in time you applied your brakes and the point in time you collided with the car which made a left turn in front of you ?; what distance did you travel between the point in time your light turned amber and the collision?

OK. that gives you a taste.

And as you've probably already gathered, often there are combinations of the issues of  TIME, SPEED and DISTANCE.



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