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T-Bone Accidents: Your ICBC Injury Claim

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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T-Bone Accidents or broadside accidents are a unique form of car accident.

This type of collision takes place when the front of one car hits either the driver's or passenger's side of another vehicle.

T-bone accidents usually occur at an intersection. Often the striking vehicle disobeys a stop sign or goes through a red light immediately before the collision takes place.

The forces of impact that the occupants of a vehicle that's struck in a T-bone collision  are subjected to must be understood if you're going to understand the injuries they've suffered.

Individuals who are seated in a vehicle which is struck on either  of its sides are thrown from side to side ( they move on a horizontal plane as a result of the collision).

The critical point to understand here is that seat belts are primarily designed to prevent a forward and back type motion ( i.e the type of movement that results when a vehicle is rearended). So seat belts are much less effective in restraining the occupants of a vehicle in a T-bone type of accident then in a variety of other types of collisions.

In addition, if two people are seated next to each other ,in a vehicle that's struck on its side, there's a significant risk of injury arrising from contact between the occupants of the vehicle ( e.g. their heads, knees, shoulders etc. banging against each other).

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