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Reporting Your Claim to ICBC - Understand What You're Getting Into !

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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                                                           BEFORE YOU PICKUP THE PHONE & CALL ICBC

                                                                FIND OUT WHAT YOU'RE GETTING INTO !!


Ok. So you've been hurt in a car accident. What's the first thing you should do after the dust settles?

You've asked around. What do the boys at work say ? How about your cousin Moe? And Lou down at the bowling alley ?

I'll bet you ten bucks thay all told you to phone ICBC Dial- A- Claim and report that you've been in an accident.

Truth be told, I can't blame any of them. These poor schmucks, along with the most British Columbians, have been brainwashed into believing that the first thing you should do after getting into an accident is to phone ICBC.

Why? " Well, you have to report your accident to ICBC don't you ?" GONG !!  That's where you've got it wrong. Correction required. You can CHOOSE to report an accident yourself directly to ICBC.

Do you have the foggiest notion of what actually takes place when you pickup the phone and call ICBC's Dial-A-Claim service to tell them you've been injured in a car accident ?

All right, I'll save you the mystery. The ICBC Dial - A - Claim operator you're talking to is asks you a series of questions.  "Where and when did your accident happen ?"  "How did your accident happen ?" " Where you injured and what are the details of your injuries ?"

Seems like pretty straightforward  stuff, huh ? Not really. What happens if you don't describe some of the things that happened correctly ? What happens if you're off on the location and time of your accident ? What if you don't clearly describe your injuries ?

Where do I start ? Well, firstly, everything you say to the ICBC Dial - A - Claim operator is typed out as you say it ( i.e. there's a permanent record). And if what you tell  the ICBC  Dial - A - Claim operator doesn't precisely match up with what you tell your doctor or physiotherapist or somebody else in the future? I'll tell you what. You've handed ICBC a weapon to use against you.

Scary stuff ? You bet it is. So remember this : unless you've been involved in a Hit and Run accident you're under no obligation to phone ICBC Dial- A- Claim to report your accident right away. You can CHOOSE to have your lawyer do this for you. I do this for people all the time.

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