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Don’t Take a Hit on Hit and Run Accidents!

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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It happens in seconds. You’ve pulled up at a traffic light and then BAM! A pickup slams into the back of your car. The collision sounds like a bomb’s gone off and the next thing you know your head’s hurtling towards the steering wheel.

It takes a few moments for you to get yourself together. But by then it’s too late. The pick-up driver who rear-ended you is already speeding off into the distance.

Your head’s spinning with questions.

 "What should I do?" “Who should I call?" "Did anybody see what just happened?"

Yes, you’ve been involved in a hit and run accident and if you don’t know EXACTLY what to do you could be left without a compensation claim and, depending on your injuries, your life could be changed forever.

Sadly hit and run accidents happen with frightening frequency on the streets of British Columbia's lower mainland.

That’s why I wasn’t at all surprised yesterday to read about a hit and run accident in Surrey that left an elderly man in need of hospital treatment http://www.theprovince.com/news/Surrey+senior+seriously+injured+after+tries+flee+accident+scene+plows+into+stop/9541920/story.html The poor guy, who was in his 80s, was hit while waiting at a bus stop. But here’s the thing, rather than waiting around to help him out the driver fled the scene.

Fortunately it looks like the police have caught up with the driver involved, but an already tragic situation could have been a whole lot worse if they hadn’t.

You see, hit and run claims in British Columbia are tricky. The law states that an individual must take "all reasonable steps" to identify the at fault vehicle and its driver.

In plain English that means if you don’t follow the proper process you might never see a penny in compensation.

So what can you do to avoid taking a hit on your hit and run accident?

Well you’re going to have to play detective.

That doesn’t mean you have to dust off your deerstalker and magnifying glass and turn into Sherlock Holmes. But there are a few things that you can do to demonstrate that you’ve done everything possible to identify the driver who hit you.

So what kind of things do you need to do?

1.  Call the police within minutes of the accident.

2.  Call ICBC within hours of the accident.

3.  Knock on doors in the area where your accident took place to see if there are any witnesses to your accident.

4. Post signs at the scene of the accident looking for witnesses.

5. Put an add in the local newspaper looking for witnesses.

If you’ve been injured as a result of an accident where the driver didn’t stick around. Or, if you’d like to know what to do in case the worst happens; then check out my FREE special report on hit and run claims in British Columbia. http://www.mccombwitten.com/reports/he-slammed-into-my-car-and-took-off-what-should-i-do.cfm It might just save you from taking a hit on your hit and run.

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