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Pedestrian Accidents - 4 Key Questions !

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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You need to understand right from the get go that pedestrian accidents ( and injury claims arrising from them) are unique.

They're different from other types of accidents.

So let's talk a littel bit about 4 of the most important factors to look at, from the perspective of the pedestrian, when it comes to determining who is responsible for your pedestrian accident.


Where exactly were you when you got hit ? In a crosswalk? Coming out from behind parked cars?

Your location is a big deal when it comes to determining who's responsible for your pedestrain accident.

You see, what's really in play  here is whether you were crossing at a place where a driver could or should have anticipated encountering a pedestrian on the roadway.

How Far into the Street Were You ?

The length of time you were on the roadway and the distance you'd travelled across the street are key considerations.

If you think about it, the underlying issue here is whether the driver that hit you had adequate opportunity to see you on the roadway prior to the collision.

Traffic Lights/ Pedestrian Signal

If you were crossing the road at an intersection then the color of the traffic light and/or phase of the pedestrian signal is quite important.

The color of the light and/or phase of the pedestrian signals are something motorist and pedestrians are guided by.

Speed of Movement

Where you walking, running or jogging at the point in time your got hit?

In other words, how quickly were you moving and how who this affect a drivers opportunity to react?

Other Pedestrians

Were there other pedestians crossing the road in front of you?  If so, this should  have served as a warning to the driver who hit you to keep a look out for other pedestrians who might be trying to cross.

OK. There's a peek into 4 of the key issues which need to be looked at when it comes to determing responsibility for a pedestrian accident.

If you're interested in talking about your pedestrian accident give us a call at McComb Witten Personal Injury Lawyers.


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