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Older Drivers in BC - Safety Issue?

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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A new study released today reveals that the vast majority (72%) of BC motorists are worried about the safety of older drivers.

I don’t blame them.

As you get older your memory, reaction time, cognitive abilities and eyesight slowly decline.

It’s just nature doing its thing. But serious safety concerns can arise when it comes to operating a motor vehicle.

And it’s a public safety issue that’s picking up speed.

You see, in Canada we’ve got an ageing population.

In fact, according to ICBC, there are about 500,000 drivers in B.C. over the age of 65.  So if today’s survey rings true, that’s half a million drivers that we feel are potential hazards both to themselves and to other users of the road.

But here’s the kicker ….it’s going to get worse. Especially with statisticians predicting that the number of older drivers on BC’s roads will increase by 30% in the next few decades.

So it’s time we took safety concerns arising from older drivers in B.C.’s roads seriously.

But it’s a tough subject to tackle.

Driving in our society equates to “independence”. That makes it a sensitive subject. Especially for people who feel that their “independence” is under attack.

In fact, today’s survey indicated that almost half of those people questioned wouldn’t know how to broach the subject of safe driving with a senior.

I get it. But now’s not the time to pussyfoot.

It’s a time for saving lives and helping to keep older drivers and other road users safe.

The bottom line here is simple. In B.C. we need to ensure that anybody who gets behind the wheel of a car is able to operate it safely.

After all, graduated licensing was brought in to deal with the safety of younger drivers. Maybe it’s time we started to paying as much attention to older drivers.

If you’ve been involved in a car accident with an older driver you may have a claim for compensation. In BC it’s up to the driver of a vehicle to ensure that they can operate it safely.

When it comes to older drivers their eyesight is often an issue.

Involved in a crash with a car being driven by a senior? Ask them when’s the last time they had their eyes tested. It might make a big difference.

And if you’re looking for legal assistance, get in touch with us at McComb Witten. We’ve handled hundreds of cases like this and can help guide you through the ICBC claims process.


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