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Let a Vancouver Truck Accident Lawyer Investigate While You Recover

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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Your Vancouver truck accident left you devastated—physically, emotionally, and financially. You absolutely need compensation and you want the careless trucker to pay—big time. These sentiments are understandable.

However, you need to leverage that outrage and passion to best effect.

Unfortunately, you cannot control every aspect of the situation.

For instance, perhaps a key witness—a pedestrian who saw the accident or a passenger in a third car—keeps waffling on his story.

The flip-flopping scares you.

On the one hand, the witness testimony could be very helpful to your case. Maybe he saw the truck zip through a red light and hit your car. If he testifies to that effect, he could nullify the trucker's protest that the light was green.

On the other hand, maybe the eyewitness told you one thing and told the police something else. You worry that he might change his story yet again down the line.

How can you build a Vancouver truck accident case, if you cannot count on this witness?

Your line of thinking is good. This kind of “protective paranoia” is something that good truck accident attorneys use all the time.

However, you want to avoid making yourself crazy about your case. You are not a lawyer—you are someone who has been injured. In fact, even if you were a professional lawyer, you would probably still outsource the work to another experienced firm, because you are in no shape to think about your case objectively.

Appreciate this: The witnesses’ testimony may or not be useful as evidence. However, odds are huge that you are missing other important evidence that could help your case.

Truck accident cases are metaphorical icebergs—only 10% of an iceberg is visible, while 90% of it remains hidden from view. Likewise, 10% of the truck accident case may be apparent to you right now, but there is still 90% to examine before you can make definitive conclusions about the appropriate strategy.

Connect with a Vancouver truck crash lawyer at McComb Witten today for decisive help with your truck crash case. Educate yourself by downloading our free report, The Inside Secrets ICBC Doesn't Want You to Know, or call 604-255-9018 for a free consultation.

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