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Hiring A Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer - Custom Tailored or Off the Rack

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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Personal Injury Lawyer at McComb Witten Marcoux

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                                                          CUSTOM TAILORED OR OFF THE RACK ??


I guess it really boils down to what type of a Vancouver personal injury lawyer you're looking for.

Because, when you boil in down, there are two types of service out there. And it dosen't really matter what type of service you're talking about - medical, accounting, plumbing, electrical, gardening etc.

The first type of service is custom tailored.

The second type of service is off the rack.

Custom tailored services are those that are fashioned for YOUR wants, needs and desires. Off the rack services are precast. Your must fit "your stuff" into someone else's predesigned system.

How can you tell the difference ? You ask.

I believe that you can tell the difference based on  questions.

What type of questions does the person/representative of the company ask you the first time you meet them ?

Do they ask questions that engage you both intellectually and emotionally ?

DO they ask questions which flesh out your motives and past experience ?

Do they ask you questions which make you stop and think ?

How do they respond to the questions you pose ? Do they respond on the basis of your needs, wants and desires ? Do they addresss what's frustrating, worrying and bothering you ? Do they offer past examples of the manner in which they're solved the problems that are on your mind ?


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