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Have You Tried Freezing the Memory of Your Crash?

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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The moments before the impact play over and over in your head: the sheer terror you felt as you realized that you were about to hit the truck. The visceral response you had as metal hit metal. The instants surrounding your crash play endlessly in your mind; a horrific movie you cannot stop. There is no pause. No relief. Until now.

The Freeze

Yellow Crocus in the SnowOne case history, highlighted by Diane Poole Heller, Ph.D., with Laurence S. Heller, Ph.D., in their book, Crash Course: A Self-Healing Guide to Auto Accident Trauma & Recovery, showed the power of freezing the moment before the crash.

In this case study, the accident victim was asked to imagine the moments before the accident and "freeze frame" a singular moment before the accident occurred. In real life, she had no control over this moment. She had to brace herself for the accident—knowing that she was about to be seriously hurt. However, by stopping time and focusing on a single moment before the accident occurred, a space was created where she could work through her responses.

The Thaw

In this case, the accident victim was able to take the frozen image—the van that hit her several blocks away—and imagine herself quickly speeding away from the other vehicle. She was also able to express anger toward the irresponsible driver who hit her. She imagined laying on her horn, signaling, and avoiding the crash. These responses, while imaginary, allowed her to begin to trust that she could protect herself, should something like this happen again.

This freezing and thawing—at a pace dictated by her mind—allowed her to give herself the time she needed to process the event. She was able to integrate the experience so that she could move away from the trauma of the accident and toward healing. Instead of playing the movie of her crash over and over, she was able place the crash firmly in the past, where it belongs.

There are many, many ways to recover mentally after a serious accident. Nobody can say what the best way to get your life back after a truck accident is. However, we feel it is our duty to help our clients, and semi-truck accident victims from across B.C., understand that they are not alone. We also want to help them deal with their traumatic experience. Of course, if you are suffering mentally after an accident, we highly recommend that you speak with a mental health professional. Doing so will be an important step in your recovery.

For legal advice from an attorney who truly cares for you and your future, please call 604.255.9018. We can help lift your burden, allowing you and your family to heal while we deal with the legal aspects of your accident.

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