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First Meeting with ICBC - "Authorizations/Applications"

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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Ok. So you go in to meet with an ICBC adjuster following your accident.

And the adjuster asks you to sign "some papers" so they can "deal" with your injury claim.

What's this all about? What exactly is ICBC going to "do" with the papers the adjuster is asking you to sign?

Here goes.

At your first meeting the ICBC adjuster will likely ask you to sign the following documents:

1. Medical Authorization - this document allows ICBC to obtain your medical records for as far back as they want and to speak to your doctor and any medical people they choose;

2. Wageloss Authorization - this document allows ICBC to obtain paperwork from and to speak with your employer;

3. Accident Benefit Application - this documents ask a number of questions including: questions dealing with the types of injuries you've suffered;questions about your work; and questions about a variety of other personal issues.

You should understand that ICBC's medical authorization allows them to gather your medical records from your date of birth forward ( seriously) . There's no requirement of any kind that the records they gather have any connection to the injuries you say you suffered in the car accident. As such, there's potential here for ICBC to gather information concerning health issues which may be embarrassing. And, more to the point, which have no connection to your injury claim.

ICBC's wageloss authorization, which often is less problematic that their medical authorization, is also something you should fully understand. It allows ICBC to write to, gather files from and talk to your employer. What can occur is a situation where your employer provides inaccurate information. Unfortnately, sometimes this information isn't shared with you ( providing you with a chance to sort out a misunderstanding) until after your honest has been called into question.

The accident benefit application is a document that must be completed in order for you to obtain medical and/or disability benefits from ICBC. It's critical that the information provided on this documents in clear, accurate and complete. A slip up of any kind ( on your part) including: a mistake relating to your description of your injuries; a mistake concerning the details of yoru employment or a number of other innocent mistakes can potentially have a serious impact on your claim.

My advice is simple - take this ICBC paperwork seriously.


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Jeff Witten

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