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Down to Business - Your first meeting with a personal injury lawyer

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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Your first meeting with a personal injury lawyer is like ..... a jigsaw puzzle.

It's got A BUNCH of different pieces.

The first part involves getting to know each other a bit.

Because if there's no "connection". Well, things simply aren't going to work out.

Assuming that you and the personal injury lawyer you're with "click", the next phase usually involves the lawyer asking you a bunch of questions concerning your accident and injuries.

You see, getting a firm handle on all the relevant details concerning YOUR ACCIDENT is critical. So this aspect of your meeting usually takes a bit of time ( remember most good lawyers are usually detail freaks).

What most lawyers do is to first ask a general/open ended question. Something along the lines of , "... tell me how your accident happened".

The idea underlying this type of a "wide open" question is that the lawyer wants you to describe your accident as best you can.

The  amount and quality of the information you're ability to provide in response will determine the number of "followup" questions the lawyer will ask next.

Any personal injury lawyer who's interested in understanding how your accident occured will want to find out:

>  the names of the street(s) where your accident took place;

design/layout of the area/intersection where your accident took place;

>  roadways the vehicle(s)/pedestrian involved were travelling on and their direction of travel;

>  speed(s) of vehicle(s) involved;

>  timing of various key events;

>  distances at various key points in time;

>  color of traffic light(s)s/phase(s) of pedestrian signals at key points in time;

>  which parts of vehicles involved sustained damage ( if any)

and possibly a few other things.

In addition the personal lawyer you're meeting might ask you to draw a rough sketch of how the accident happened.

When it comes to discussing your injuries, the lawyer will want to get a general understanding of what injuries/problems you've been suffering from since your accident.

Once again, most lawyers will start out with a general/wide open question such as, "... why don't you tell me about all the symptoms you've been suffering from since your car accident."

And after you've rattled off the difficulties you've been grappling with following your accident, the lawyer will want to delve into the details.

Because, any lawyer who wants to get a good understanding of your injuries will want to know;

> how bad/severe your various difficulties are;

> how often you experience your symptoms;

> how soon your symptoms came on following your accident;

and maybe a few other related questions.

You see, the bottom line is simple. If order for a personal injury lawyer to access your situation he/she needs to get a solid grip on the details concerning - your accident and your injuries.

Interested in finding out more about what the first meeting with a personal injury lawyer?

Want to talk about this blog post?

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And stay tuned - there more to come about "the first meeting".








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