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Disc Injury/Herniated Disc - Your ICBC Injury Claim & Medical Advances

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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Here's the simplied version of what causes a herniated disc:

" The disc is like a fibrous doughnut" - Dr. Peter Munk , Vancouver Radiologist.

The discs in your lower back are situated between your vertebrae and act like shock absorbers.

" You get a herniated disc when an inner part of the disc bulges out through a weakened part of the disc" - Dr. Peter Munk

Accordingly to Dr. Munk the majority of herniated discs are located in the low back region.

The symptoms arrising from a herniated disc in the low back include pain in the back and legs as a result of pinching on the spinal nerves.

Traditionally, spinal decompression surgery and  cortisone injections were the methods used to treat herniated discs in a person's low back region.

But Dr. Munk and others at Vancouver General Hospital are in the midst of testing a an ozone/oxygen injection treatment that may make treating herniated discs a whole lot less invasive and painful.

How does this ozone/oxygen injection treatment work ?:

" The treatment uses a combination of oxygen and ozone gas because its oxidating effect has been show to shrink bulging discs, reducing compession by pulling the herniated part away from the nerve root." - Pamela Fayerman, Vancouver Sun - May 7, 2013, edition.

Discussing the past success of ozone/oxygen therapy treatment in Europe ,with the Vancouver Sun, Dr. Munk indicated:

" There was a strong suggestion that patients got better more rapidly with the treatment . What we're hoping to see here is that through the ozone process, healing will occur rapidly and patients won't need other interventions like repeated steroid ( cortisone) injections and surgery..."


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