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Dashcam - A good idea?

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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There’s an interesting article out of Alberta today that highlights one young driver’s stupidity.

The young buck in question has been charged with dangerous driving and speeding.

But the guy didn’t get caught by the police.

His own actions led to the charges.


He uploaded a video to YouTube which showed all his antics behind the wheel.

No doubt he was trying to show. But what he didn’t bank on is that the video, which shows the driver cutting across traffic and speeding down a bus lane, would get picked up by the authorities.

Suffice it to say this guy got his comeuppance.

But something else struck me while watching this video. And that’s the growing number of drivers who are using dashcams.

Dashcams are cameras mounted on the dashboard of your car which produce a continuous video of what takes place while your car’s in use.

Police have been using them for years. And now they’re at everyone’s disposal.

 The technology has even come so far that you can fit a good quality camera onto a motorcycle helmet.

Coming in at around two to three hundred bucks they’re not cheap. But they could prove invaluable if you’re involved in an accident.

Here’s how…

Proving that the other driver’s at fault is crucial if you’re going to get compensated for your injuries.

And that can be tricky if there’s no evidence besides your “say so” to support your version of events and you don’t have any no witnesses to back up your story.

That’s where a dashcam comes in handy.

It captures the whole thing on “candid camera”. Providing you with crucial  evidence to prove your case.

I guess a dashcam is kind of like a seat belt.  You hope you never need to use it. But it’s nice to know it’s there. Just in case.

Whether you have a dashcam or not though, a good personal injury lawyer will always work with you to gather as much evidence as possible to prove your case. But one thing’s for sure, they’re job’s a lot easier if you have video evidence.

Questions about dashcams?

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