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Confused About Concussions and Brain Injuries in B.C?

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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Jeffrey S. Witten
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Car accidents are one of the leading causes of mild traumatic brain injury in British Columbia.

A mild traumatic brain injury can occur in a bunch of different ways. Sometimes the injured person strikes some part of the inside of the vehicle, such as the windshield or headrest. In other cases the injured individual's brain undergoes a sudden acceleration/deceleration movement (the mechanics of this type of injury are similar to a whiplash) without their head actually hitting anything.

What's the simplest way to describe what happens inside a person's skull when they sustain a brain injury ?

Think of the brain tissue as being like a soft sponge. What happens is that the soft sponge is violently thrust up against the  very hard bone which forms the interior of the skull. The brain tissue is squished. As a result it bruises, tears and/or swells.

What are the symptoms of a mild traumatic brain injury? 

Here are a few symptoms which may be experienced individually or in combination:

1. An altered state of consciousness;
2. dizziness;
3. severe headache;
4. confusion;
5. persistent vomiting 
6. Sleep disturbance;
7. difficulty concentrating;
8. difficulty retaining new information;
9. depression and irritability 

Unfortunately, many family physicians in British Columbia are not well educated regarding the diagnosis and treatment of mild traumatic injury. As such, it is not unusual for a mild traumatic brain injury to go undiagnosed by a family doctor.

A valuable medical program that is not well known amongst primary medical treators in British Columbia is the GF Strong Rehab Center's Early Response Brain Injury Service. This service is available for anybody with a recent mild traumatic brain injury either by self-referral or through a family doctor. Go to the GF Strong Rehab Centre's website to get more information or to locate a referral form.

Often it is the victim of mild traumatic injury who must seek out appropriate medical attention. More to the point, the sooner they pursue proper medical treatment the more likely they are to make a good recovery.

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