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Can I Switch Lawyers if I'm the Middle of my ICBC Injury Claim ?

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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Ok. So you're in the middle of an ICBC injury claim and you're not happy with your lawyer. Can you switch lawyers in the middle of your case ?

The short answer is YES.

But hold on ! I'd strongly suggest that you give this question some serious thought before you make any type of a move.

So lets back it you.

Firstly, hiring a lawyer is kind of like dating. Some people always assume that the person they want to go out with shares that same feeling.  Maybe yes. Or maybe no.

So what is any lawyer you talk to about taking over your case going to want to know ?

For starters, any lawyer who's even prepared to look at taking over your case is going to want to DIG DEEP ! They're going to want to find out everything there is to find out about your case before they even consider taking you on as a client.

And after getting the whole story your potential new lawyer is going to want to find out 3 things:

1. What's the problem with your current lawyer;

2. How much legal work has your present lawyer done on your case; and

3. How much is your current lawyer going to want to get paid.

Often I find that a injured person who wants to switch lawyers has specific reasons for being unhappy. Sometimes it's that they feel their lawyer isn't keeping them informed about how their case is progressing. Sometimes it's that they find it a hassle to deal with their present lawyer or staff. Sometimes it's that they don't get their calls returned. The list is long.But the commom denominator is a communcation problem between the injured person and they're lawyer.

Sometimes an injured person isn't happy with the actual legal work which their lawyer is doing. More often then not this has to do with the strategy, tactics the lawyer is implementing or the way they've prepared the case.

Here's the thing. Switching lawyers can potentially cost an injured person  some money.

Why ? Well, it's safe to assume that your present lawyers is going to want to get paid for any work he has done. 

Sometimes this is an expense your new lawyer is prepared to absorb. And sometimes not.

So think carefully before you decide that you want to switch lawyers. Are you doing this for reasons  that are really worth making this move?

And of equal if not greater importance, if you talk to another  lawyer about taking over your case make sure of ONE CRUCIAL THING. Can they provide you with clear and specific reasons as to why you'd be better off with them handling your case rather than your existing lawyer.



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