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Are my pet's injuries covered by ICBC ?

Jeffrey S. Witten, B.A., LL.B.
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 Is your pet near and dear to your heart ?

Me. I love my dog Hugo. And I'd be devastated if he was injured in a car accident. In fact, I'd probably suffer more than him.

But does your pet have an ICBC injury claim if they're hurt in a car accident ?

Joanne Will wrote an excellent article in the May 1, 2013, edition of the Globe and Mail newspaper dealing with this exact subject ( if you're interested in learning more about the subject of this blog I'd suggest you read Joanne's article).

Firstly, any way you slice it neither you nor your pet are able to advance a pain and suffering claim on behalf of your pet.

But, you may have a claim for your pet's vet bills.

So why don't we pick the vet bill issue apart.

The first thing you need to determine is whether you are able to make a claim for your pet's medical bills through any pet insurance you may have. If  you have coverage through this policy then you're taken care of .

But what if you didn't have pet insurance at the time of your car accident ?

If that's the case we need to consider the issue of responsiblity for the car accident in which your pet was injured.

In British Columbia if you have insurance through ICBC and are at fault of the car accident in which your pet was injured you're out of luck. Your insurance through ICBC will not cover your pet's vet bills.

However, in B.C. if another driver is at fault for the accident which caused the injuries to your pet you may be able to recover the money you spent on vet bills through a "tort" claim ( i.e. making a claim for reimbursement through the other motorist's car insurance - ICBC).



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