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5 common types of vancouver bike accidents

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Yesterday I wrote about an initiative called Bike to Work Week, that’s doing a great job of encouraging BC residents to get on their bikes.

This week more than 3000 cyclists are expected to ride to work..

That’s 3000 people who’ll be healthier and who’re doing their bit for the environment.

And they’ll also have a newfound appreciation for their own safety.


Ask anyone who cycles in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland. They’ll tell you horror stories about near misses even the occasional collision.

As I’ve written many times before, drivers need to take responsibility for cyclists’ safety.

Here are a few of the areas where motorists need to “pull up their socks”.


There are a staggering number of bike accidents that take place at intersections.

The most common cause is simply bad driving. Motorists who fail to shoulder check before making a right turn. There are also a frightening number of drivers who see an amber light (or sometimes even a red) and speed up.  In addition, you have motorists who fail to properly yield to bikers riding in a bike lane.


Many bike accidents in Vancouver’s Lower mainland involve a car sideswiping a cyclist. Drivers either aren’t paying enough attention or aren’t concerned  enough about the cyclists to leave sufficient space to pass safely.\


Cyclists call it ‘getting doored’ or ‘winning the door prize.’ It’s a piece of black  bikers use to describe one of the most common types of bike accidents in the Greater Vancouver area.

So what does ‘getting doored’ all about? It’s what happens when a motorist opens his/her car door into the path of an oncoming bicycle without checking.

Here’s the thing, hitting  a car door is like slamming into a brick wall at full speed. It’s incredibly dangerous, even deadly for cyclists.


There are situations where cyclists get injured in a collision which didn’t involve physical contact with the vehicle being operated by the responsible driver.

Whether they’re forced off the road or forced to take evasive action after being cut off; these accidents are often just as dangerous as direct collisions with other road users.


It’s not just vehicles that pose a threat to cyclists. Bike accidents involving pedestrians are growing increasingly common.

Sometimes pedestrians are too busy taking in the scenery to notice they’ve wandered onto a bike path.

Involved in one of the bike accidents discussed above?

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