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McComb Witten Marcoux

Janita Ng Yee

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Janita Ng Yee

Janita Ng Yee

  • Business Manager, Interpreter - Mandarin & Cantonese
  • McComb Witten Marcoux
  • 2730 Commercial Drive
    Suite 210
    Vancouver, BC V5N 5P4
  • 604.312.9888


Mrs. Janita Ng Yee joined Murphy McComb Witten in 1995 and stayed on as Business Manager when Jeff Witten and Garry McComb formed McComb Witten in 2001. Janita takes care of the day-to-day administrative duties, supervising legal support teams and coordinating legal support staff resources.

Fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin, Mrs. Ng Yee offers interpretation services for new immigrants, so that they receive the highest quality of service. She’s passionate about customer service.

With more than 23 years’ experience helping car accident victims, Janita has earned a reputation for
dealing efficiently and compassionately with the needs of McComb Witten's catastrophically injured clients and their families. She has assisted Jeff Witten in handling a number of brain injury cases and understands the challenges that families face.

Janita routinely deals with Part 7, CPP and EI issues. Her experience in these complicated areas has proven to be a significant asset for McComb Witten’s clients.

Mrs. Ng Yee is married and lives with her family in Vancouver.

To Contact Mrs. Ng Yee call: 604.312.9888

余吳詠嬌女士(Janita Ng Yee)於1995年加盟Murphy McComb Witten,並以業務經理的身份,繼續留守直至Jeff Witten 於2001年與Garry McComb成立McComb Witten。余太太負責處理日常的行政事務,監督法律支援團隊,與調配法律支援人員的資源。


擁有23 年協助車禍受害者的經驗,余太太 對於求助McComb Witten的災難性傷者及其家人的需相當了解,其高效及澤心仁厚的應對方法,贏得一致美譽。她曾協助Jeff Witten處理不少腦創傷的案件,故相當明白傷者家庭面對的困境。

余太太例行處理的事項包括第7條例,加拿大退休金及就業保險金等。在這些複雜範疇中,她的豐富經驗,於一眾McComb Witten客戶眼中,儼如寶貴的資產。


如欲聯絡余太太,請致電: 604.312.9888

"I’m fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin and English. I’ve been helping people who’ve been in a car accident for twenty-three years."


Janita Ng